The main reason of this project is to provide the artist with complete anonymity to create in absolute freedom, but also to offer the listener the work of the artist without any distortion.


The artists involved in this project are free to reveal their identities after some time even if we would prefer they didn’t. The contrary would be something against the own project. This is why you can find an encrypted text, a code, on the back cover of each record.

We thought about creating a tool for the artists that would offer them a safe way to reveal their identity, but that tool would also have to be something that offered the same security to the people who supported this project. This simple process ensures that you can know who is behind each album without a doubt.


We talked to several programmers but we discovered that there was already a tool perfect for this purpose.



How does it work?

On the back cover of each record you can find a code, an encrypted text, at the same time we have provided each artist with an exclusive code that resolves the encrypted text of each record.


In case the artist decides in the future to reveal his identity he will make his code public on our website. Please click on the following link to access the decryption tool.


... and follow the next steps:


1. Very important, do not copy and paste, you need to type the code you have in the back of the record.

2. Type the password in the "Password" space.

4. Type the password again to "Confirm the Password"

3. Click on “Decrypt” and you will see who is the artist behind the record you have in your hands.