In recent years we have received so much support from many people all over the world. We always carry this support as inspiration in each of our projects and this new project is no different.


Without your support this new project would be impossible. The thousands of emails and messages received during this time give us confidence to risk more and more in our projects.


Seven years have passed since we started with Fundamental Records. We have put in your hands more than 70 records with the work of artists from every corner of the planet. Thanks to the support of all these artists, this new project is also possible. It is a parallel project to Fundamental Records, call it a new label if that way makes more sense to you, but this is not really important.


The reason we created this project is to preserve the anonymity of the artists. This way, they can create in complete freedom and without any previous baggage. You are also an important part of the process and this project has been created with you in mind, as well. We believe that there is an audience fully capable of discerning what music they want to acquire for their personal enjoyment without any superfluous contextual information other than what is provided by the music itself.

This is an experiment. We know the risks we are taking, but with your help we can make this project something truly unique.