1. We protect the creators and their independence from limits or rules imposed by the industry. 

2. We also protect the listener by offering the work of creators without any information that can alter or taint a pure listening experience.

3. Innovation is not the goal. The goal is to grant the creator and the listener total freedom. However, innovation can be a positive side-effect of creating in an environment of total freedom.

4. The use of words to describe or define music is a senseless task. Most of the time the intention of descriptive text is not to shed light on the work of the artist, but rather to serve as a promotional tool to drive sales and increase recognition. This often has the unfortunate result of limiting the creator and his work and we do not accept this imposition of the industry.


5.  Today, music or audio can be made available for listening without the need for explanatory text or any additional information about its creator.

6. This manifesto is created with the absolute certainty that there is an audience fully capable of discerning what music they want to acquire for their personal enjoyment without any superfluous contextual information other than what is provided by the music itself.

7. The music industry is based on labels, names, scenes and genres. The current boundaries are imposed by an industry that was created with the sole purpose of selling massive amounts of copies of an artist's work. Categorisation facilitates sales because it identifies or creates markets that can cater to a supply and demand model. It also imposes limits. Our goal is not to sell records and it is definitely not to enforce restraints. Our objective is to provide a safe, creative and completely anonymous platform for artists who want to share their work through a new paradigm. Selling records is a positive side-effect which ensures that the artist's music reaches the right ears.

8. The music for The Other People Place, is music created by people who do not need presentation or information about them or their work.


9. The music for The Other People Place is music created for people who do not need presentation or information about the artist or his work.


10. The music for The Other People Place is independent art aiming to inspire true underground evolution. It is music for the sake of music.