UPDATE, 28th January 2020

We are very proud to say the first part of Music for The Other People Place is now complete. 

It has been a long road and one of the best experiences we have had in Fundamental Records. I sincerely hope that everyone who is lucky enough to own the Limited Edition Box of 111 units be aware of what they have in their hands, this is a truly unique project in the underground movement, a true paradox.

We are very happy to say that the second part of this project is already available for pre-order and the first vinyl record is already in our hands, you can access all the information clicking HERE or on the image below:


UPDATE, 8th August

Last record!! ... 

UPDATE, 4th August

Audio cuts of the last two 12" of this project, two incredible records track by track! the records will be in our hands in only a few weeks!


In the next days we will disclose the LAST RECORD of this project, a very special 7", stay in tune!...

Pre-order available now:


UPDATE, 16th NOV. ----- silk screen with TOPP003 back cover

UPDATE, 15th NOV. ----- records are here in our hands!

UPDATE, 20th July 

We are finally in the last stage! we will have the last three records very soon in our hands and in the next days we will disclose the audio cuts. 

We have a very special news about the last record, the 7", we will disclose it very soon...


UPDATE, 27th June 

After a problem with one of the records we finally received the TOPP007 - 008 & 009

Next week will be available in your favourite record stores. 

We have also the last two 12" of this project ready and we will disclose the audio clips very soon.

The last 7" will be a very special record, more news about it very soon! :)

We can say we will finish this project in only a few weeks, the plan is receive the last records mid August :) 


UPDATE, 4th March ----- TOPP007-008 & 009 Now Available for pre-order:


UPDATE, 20th February ----- NEXT RECORDS!! TOPP007-008 & 009!!

We know you are waiting for this.... in the next days we will disclose the next three records!! and the quality of each track is supreme!!...

UPDATE, 28th October ----- TOPP004-005 & 006 in our hands NOW!

Thanks for you patience! the records are here! finally! we will start the distribution in the next days. First 111 copies are pre-assigned to the people who bought the limited edition box with the collection of the 12 vinyl records.


Check music here:


Here is the silkscreen printing process of TOPP006

UPDATE, 11th October. ----- TOPP004-005 & 006 in our hands very soon!!

Thanks for you patience! as I commented in the last update we send to all people who bought the special edition box limited to 111 units, we already know this project will be hard but not so hard!! :) we have very good news, finally the next three records will be here at the end of this month and only a few days ago we received the tracks for the last record of the new batch and we are now in the mastering process so very soon we will disclose the next three records TOPP007 008 & 009 :)

Again, sorry for the delay but a very special project like this will need more time than we thought but as I said in my last update this project is unique and the wait will be worth it.

UPDATE, 6th August. ----- Technical problem for the second batch of records

Due to a technical problem with the last batch we have a big delay with the these records but we will have it very soon. We know this could happen in some point because this project is not a 100m race and these days is something normal to have big delays and problems with the pressing plants, but now everything is OK and we will have the records very soon in our hands!

I promise that the wait will be worth it. Thanks again for your support and your patience!! 


UPDATE, 6th DEC. ----- First three records available now

First three records available now in selected record shops, also available in a set of three in our Bandcamp, click here:

UPDATE, 21th NOV. ----- last details in the artwork

We print all sleeves one by one, it is a very complicated process, the adjustment of the three colors needs to be perfect. We use a very special paper, an italian cardboard with a very nice texture but we need almost a week for the drying process. The result is fantastic! 

Here you can see the transparency sheets that we use to adjust the colors:

UPDATE, 17th NOV. ----- records are here!

Testing TOPP001, fantastic sound!!

Detail of the silk screen we use for the back in TOPP003

We just received the first three records!! incredible sound! we will upload some videos and pictures in the next days.

Here is the first pictures, back cover...

BIG UPDATE, 14th NOV. ----- NEWS!!

We have enabled this space to inform of the progression of this project. Here you can check all the news and how is evolving the each part of the project.