This project is an experiment and to work with a deadline is not part of the experiment. The quality of each record is what really matters. We want you listen each record with calm, with love, we want also make a difference in the way we consume music today and take away as much as possible this project of how music is consumed in digital format.


This is not about to click over some titles and collect digital files, this experiment is about re-enjoying music as we did years ago, before the mp3, before Discogs, when we could only buy a record from time to time and we did it with a big smile on our face and also with many questions because we didn't knew everything about the record we had in our hands...


You are a very important part of this experiment, the way you will receive all these records without any information about it except the music, all this project was created with you in mind. This is not a compilation of some records or tracks, each record is a masterwork and each record deserves a proper time to enjoy it in all senses.