Dear friends, 

We created this site to send a little help to our friend Victoria Lukas. 

When I started with this project, Music for The Other People Place, I always thougth the last record would be a very special record and now I can say it is. 

In the last past years, I don’t know how many times I listened to Skylar, an excellent track, composed by my friend Victoria Lukas. Electro music has been a part of my life for more than 35 years and I can say without any doubt that Skylar is one of my favorite electro tracks ever.

Simplicity is the shorter path to perfection and this track is a very good exemple of it.

Including this record as a part of the Music For Other People Place project, with two incredible remixes of the original track, is a very special thing for me, and yes, you are right, with this little beauty we break the rules of this project in some ways, but if I have to break anything I created to send a little help to a friend I will do it without any doubt one thousand times. Besides the main rule of this project is to keep the identity of the artists behind the music private ... even if in this case, for many of us, it is pretty obvious who is behind which remix.

- Alek Stark

A few weeks ago Victoria received the announcement of a cancer recurrence, which had already visited her body three years ago. The multiple chemotherapy and surgery sessions killed that first cancer ; but could not prevent its alarming return. 

A brain tumor recently took its quarters in one of the most brilliant, wonderful, crazy, creative cranium that we have the honor to know. Another tumor is located in the liver, a sign of a generalization of the disease, which suggests to doctors that it is now time for Victoria to reorganize her life around the cohabitation with the latter, rather than to run out fighting it. 

Victoria is followed by excellent specialists near her home in Vaucluse, and is surrounded by her family, her husband and their children; yet, she urgently needs our help today. 

As you may know, only part of hospital expenses related to cancer and its consequences is covered by social insurance. This coverage is not sufficient as it only covers the "essential" care, and does not take care of anything that will affect the disruption of the organization of life of Victoria and her family in the months to come , to live with this recidivism: expenses of transport, specific food and medicine, alternative medicines for physical and mental care, purchase of medical equipment of care and comfort, visits to other specialists, taking care of children... 

Victoria will no longer be able to work full time on her music in the weeks and months to come, and that is why, with her agreement, we are now calling on the solidarity of all those for whom a financial gesture will be possible. 

Friends! Parents ! Lovers of her music! and of course all of you who support every project we release on Fundamental Records... It's time to show love and financial help - by sending her both. This project is here to help with the latter.

The Fight


Very easy, you only have to send your donation to the Paypal account of Victoria, later we will contact with you to ask you for your address to calculate the shipping to your city and only a few days later we will send you the record. 

We set a minimum donation of 20 euro but please send as much as you can, you help is specialy important at this momento. 

Here is Victoria's paypal email:

A huge thank you. And do not hesitate to contact Victoria if you would like to hear from her directly.

Skylar Remixes. Music

Skylar Remixes. 7" pics

Skylar Remixes. 7" Silkscreen Printing Process

About Music for The Other People Place Project

This project is an experiment. 

Only six artists are part of this project.


The identity of the artists involved in the project will remain private but they are free to reveal their identity after some time, even if we would prefer they didn’t (for more about this check here.)

 The artists involved in the project are not aware of the identity of the other artists. 

During the following months we will periodically release 12 records: 11 x 12" and the last one, a special 7"

Each record is a full album, a trip into the mind of the artist. There is no need for “perfected” tracks as this is not a collection of hits compiled on a 12” for massive sales. We asked each artist to work without any limitations or expectations that their previous "sound" might impose. In this way the artist may expose ones true self in the music or choose to demonstrate another side of their creative self.

What is the purpose of this project?


The main aim of this project is, on the one hand, to provide the artist with complete anonymity in order to create in absolute freedom and, on the other hand, to offer the listener the work of the artist without any external distortions.


Imagine how different the experience of listening to a new record could be without any previous information about it: no names, no track title, no expectations… nothing but music.


The use of words to describe or define music is a senseless task. Most of the time the intention of descriptive text is not to shed light on the work of the artist, but rather to serve as a promotional tool to drive sales and increase recognition. This often has the unfortunate result of limiting the creator and his work. Music is all we need, any other additives are completely dispensable.

We recommend reading our MANIFESTO (below) A huge thank you. And do not hesitate to contact Victoria if you would like to hear from her directly.carefully, which explains the inspiration and goals of the project in detail. However, please do not interpret the manifesto as context for the music. We want your listening experience to be pure.



This project is also a tribute to the legendary James Stinson, an artist who was blessed with the gift of creating with a mind that was completely free from prejudices. He took his music beyond the imaginable. Beyond any name, label or genre.


This is why we chose this name for the project. However, as fans who have nothing but admiration and respect for the legacy of James Stinson, do not expect this project to be a collection of Drexciya style works. This tribute has to be understood simply as an homage to someone who fought for creative freedom in each of his works.


1. We protect the creators and their independence from limits or rules imposed by the industry. 

2. We also protect the listener by offering the work of creators without any information that can alter or taint a pure listening experience.

3. Innovation is not the goal. The goal is to grant the creator and the listener total freedom. However, innovation can be a positive side-effect of creating in an environment of total freedom.

4. The use of words to describe or define music is a senseless task. Most of the time the intention of descriptive text is not to shed light on the work of the artist, but rather to serve as a promotional tool to drive sales and increase recognition. This often has the unfortunate result of limiting the creator and his work and we do not accept this imposition of the industry.


5.  Today, music or audio can be made available for listening without the need for explanatory text or any additional information about its creator.

6. This manifesto is created with the absolute certainty that there is an audience fully capable of discerning what music they want to acquire for their personal enjoyment without any superfluous contextual information other than what is provided by the music itself.

7. The music industry is based on labels, names, scenes and genres. The current boundaries are imposed by an industry that was created with the sole purpose of selling massive amounts of copies of an artist's work. Categorisation facilitates sales because it identifies or creates markets that can cater to a supply and demand model. It also imposes limits. Our goal is not to sell records and it is definitely not to enforce restraints. Our objective is to provide a safe, creative and completely anonymous platform for artists who want to share their work through a new paradigm. Selling records is a positive side-effect which ensures that the artist's music reaches the right ears.

8. The music for The Other People Place, is music created by people who do not need presentation or information about them or their work.


9. The music for The Other People Place is music created for people who do not need presentation or information about the artist or his work.


10. The music for The Other People Place is independent art aiming to inspire true underground evolution. It is music for the sake of music.