This project is also a tribute to the legendary James Stinson, an artist who was blessed with the gift of creating with a mind completely free of prejudices and took his music beyond the imaginable, beyond any name, label or style.

The long list of names and monickers used for his projects, some with Gerald Donald, is a testament to his desire to not be a prisoner of limits imposed by the music industry.

Freedom of creation is amplified with anonymity. Using the same name can create a well-deserved throne that can transform into a terrible prison. James Stinson did not need to sit on any throne. He knew very well that using different names for his projects guaranteed the freedom and the space he required to create.


This is why we have called this project  Music for The Other People Place

The best way to honor the legacy of James Stinson is to give creative freedom to the artists who are part of this project, so please, being that we admire and respect the James Stinson legacy, do not expect this project to be a collection of Drexciya style works. This tribute has to be understood simply as an homage to someone who fought for that creative freedom in each of his works, a tribute to one of the greats. It is, however, also a tribute to the artists who during the next months will be part of this experiment. We thank them for the trust they have placed in us and in this project, but also for the courage they have demonstrated by being part of it.

"The music is there to implant in your imagination and let your psyche take over and run wild."

 James Stinson - Muzik, 1997.